May 6, 2005

See the pig dressed in his finest, fine...

(No political content or rant content today)

Today marks the close of what has been an amazing, (at times) very trying, and otherwise strange academic year. That... and my 21st birthday was yesterday. Birthdays do unusual things to me, causing me to stop and reflect about the past year(s) and yesterday was no different. At times I was overcome by moments of joy which would then be periodically overwhelmed by periods of seemingly infinite sadness. It becomes difficult to discern the emotions, sometimes, when they all cascade upon you. Sorrow and jubulation.

Christi is leaving for Chicago today... and she's not coming back to BW. I've been prepared for it for at least a month now, and it seemed I would be able to handle it well, but the thought if not being able to see her even once a week verily empties my heart.

I'm going to Virginia to work for the Democrats organizing the coordinated campaign to get Lt Governor Tim Kaine elected. The powers that be still have not yet arranged a place for me to stay for the summer. I'm a little more than irritated about this. I sent an email out to the woman coordinating this effort and she has yet to respond to me in the 8 days it has been since I sent the email.

This summer should be an adventure. Updates may be few and rare... but check in regardless.