June 6, 2006


The end is nigh! God's wrath awaits ye!

As the apocalypse settles down for a day and the Earth is pummelled by Christian soldiers with their repetitive circumlocutory exhortions of the end days, I'll be working to expand the disbelief in extreme Christian faith. Why? It's simple... there are zealots out there, an insignificant minority, who are trying to impose this belief of impending doom upon the public.

Where's my proof? Well, just take a look at the front pages of Yahoo!, CNN, MSNBC, and FoxNews from the past two days and today. All have articles about 06.06.06... erm... 666... and interviews with extremist apocalypticos trying their best to save humanity. And, by the way, you're fucked if you're not a believer.

The CNN article worries me, as it refers to Professor Felix Just's (University of San Francisco) website... but doesn't mention the address. However, it dives into the rapture index of raptureready.com... and names the website (heck, that's why I know it and have typed it in). The article also gives more print area to the apocalypticos... damn CNN and the left-wing media!

The media have been hijacked, once again, by extremists. Sex, drugs, and alcohol sell.

I'm not ready to get over it, either.