August 23, 2006

Local blogs

Posting from Lew's office... here's a link to the PD of local blogs. You'll see Pho and Redhorse(Psychobillydem) are there.

PD list of blogs

Plunderbund has a video (from Crooks and Liars) of former Congressional candidate Paul Hackett taking the administration to task on the fundamental principles of "fighting terrorism" vis à vis the ongoing action in Iraq.

Hackett takes **** to task.

Check it out.


Ohio confirms it: Taft ranks 50th among Governors

In a SurveyUSA poll released yesterday, Ohio Governor Bob Taft (R) ranks at the very bottom in approval numbers. What is most surprising is Taft's relative strength amongst 18-34 year olds... pulling in an astonishing 24% approval rating (though 69% disapprove and 7% are unsure). Compare this to the next-highest age bracket, 35-54, where Taft's approval registers at 13% and has a disapproval rating of 84%.

Among Republicans Taft sits at 22% while he's approved by 9% of Democrats.

I wish there was an easy way to find out the methodology of the poll. There's no way that Taft should be pulling 24% amongst the youth.

Anyhow, a further parsing of the numbers shows Taft is weakest where Republicans wanted to make the most gains: Hispanic voters. Only 6% of Hispanic adults approve of Taft's job and 94% disapprove of his Governorship. Ken Blackwell (R-nominee Governor) must be scratching his head at these numbers... and probably wanting to kick Taft's ass.

So, to restate the obvious, Bob Taft makes Ohio bad.


(EDIT: In a 600-person survey, Hispanics composed 2% of the respondents. 11 of the 12 Hispanics surveyed disapproved of Taft's job. Since the sample size is so paltry, those results must be taken with a salt shaker.)

August 19, 2006

MTB: Tim Ryan (OH-17)

Tim Ryan, the current US Representative serving Ohio's 17th district, was kinda enough to meet with the MTB crew (+ me) this afternoon at one in Akron's beautiful Café Momus. Gloria Ferris, Pho, Redhorse, Terra, among several others were in attendance. It was truly awesome (read: as "instilling awe") being in the presence of these people whom I read on a daily (at the least) basis. Oh, and then Tim Ryan was there... did I mention that? Having been involved with politics as much as I have, one can only feel the thrill of meeting politicians for so long. The last time I remember being excited about meeting one was when I interviewed then-Mayor James Roberts of Medina in 2nd (or maybe 3rd??) grade.

With that rambling out of the way...

Tim Ryan is one of the more down-to-Earth politicians that I've met... and it was nice, especially after having interacted with Betty Sutton a little over two weeks ago. Many subjects regarding economic development were touched, ranging from housing development to the development of the Western Reserve heritage area. All of this was quite interesting, but I'd like to touch upon a subject that recurred frequently.

Congressman Ryan and the bloggers gathered around the table frequently mentioned something that is critically lacking in America's modern political landscape: inspirational leadership. Ryan reflected upon visiting the JFK library to attend a ceremony for Congressman Murtha to receive a Profile in Courage award and picking up a pack of 4 CDs of various speeches delivered by President Kennedy. He reflected upon the hope and the vision of Kennedy and the clear lack of politicians who are willing to take a chance and dare to lead.

This all struck a very powerful chord for me as one who believes in the need for leaders who think forward and with vision, very much unlike the weak-spined politicians who currently occupy many of the offices throughout our country.

What has caused the nearly total absence of leaders?

I would argue that it is because of things like pollsters and focus groups... politicians aren't daring enough to do anything that may be remotely unpopular, regardless of the (in)justice associated. They are beholden to numbers and just serve to get reelected.

What would most politicians do if they weren't politicians? Would they be snakes in the grass? Snakes on a plane?

We need leaders. My "Now Hiring Leaders" is hanging outside my window... and for what it's worth, I am also prepared to lead, as I always have been.


Fundraising calls

I appreciate the role that people making fundraising calls fill, I truly and deeply do. I also understand all of the stress that goes into making calls and the need to really squeeze money out.

But when I say I'm currently unable to give money for the time being (and yes, note the redundance), I mean it.

Redhorse has a very sharply worded post authored anonymously for the progressives of the county. Pho has an equally sharp response. Quite honestly, this is the kind of internecine warfare that the Libs/Progs and the Mods of the DP are notorious for and just can't seem to keep behind closed doors. Annoyed? Kinda. It's nothing big, in my own humble bloggin opinion... just the SOS happening with new protagonists on a local level.

Now if this were to be taking place nationally...

... totally different story.

Starbucks @ 8:30. I feel slightly conflicted (to say the least).

Today's music: Mike Doughty - His Truth is Marching On


August 15, 2006

Lew Katz

Meeting Lew today. This should be fun.

August 9, 2006

Joementum... loses.

U.S. Senate -
- Dem Primary
745 of 748 Precincts Reporting - 99.60%

Lamont, NedDem146,06151.78

Lieberman, Joe (i)Dem136,04248.22

The former Vice-Presidential candidate for his party and Presidential candidate has lost in a primary election. GoJoe has declared his intent to run as an independent... Democrats nationally reel at the thought... Who is Ned Lamont?...

Cynthia McKinney got thumped in her primary. Good riddance.

August 7, 2006

Ney withdraws from House race: OH-18

Current US Representative Bob Ney (R, OH-18) has opted to withdraw from his re-election race, though not resigning from Congress. State Senator Joy Padgett has been asked to run against the Democratic nominee, Dover Law Director Zach Space.

More info:

Cleveland Plain Dealer

Columbus Dispatch
The Fix

Strickland opposes widened gambling

Just got an email from the Strickland campaign:

Media Advisory

For Immediate Release:                                Contact: Keith Dailey
Monday, August 7, 2006                                 614-857-0700/614-506-4949

Strickland and Senator Voinovich to Hold Press Conference
Opposing Expanded Gambling in Ohio

Strickland to Hold Town Hall in Ashtabula


Columbus, Ohio
– Ohio gubernatorial candidate Congressman Ted Strickland will join
Senator George Voinovich at a press conference Monday morning in
Cleveland to discuss their opposition to expanding legalized gambling
in Ohio. Monday afternoon, Strickland will hold a town hall meeting in

Following is Congressman Ted Strickland’s public schedule for
Monday, August 7, 2006.


WHAT:           Anti-Gambling Press Conference

WHO:             Gubernatorial Candidate Congressman Ted Strickland
                        U.S. Senator George Voinoivich

WHEN:           10:30 AM

WHERE:        Cuyahoga Community College
                        Administration Office
                        700 Carnegie Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio  44115


WHAT:           Town Hall Meeting

WHO:             Gubernatorial Candidate Congressman Ted Strickland

WHEN:           3:30 PM

WHERE:        Griffin Hall
                        3010 State Road
, Ohio  44004


Learning and Earning? I think not. Who had a feeling this was going to happen? Yeah. That's right. I did.


August 6, 2006

Testing... testing.

I'm testing out the Performancing extension to Firefox. With Performancing you can post to your blog without having to log in to your blog host, ie: Blogger or LiveJournal. It has a full range of editing options and seems to be very functional.

Download it here: Performancing


August 3, 2006

Thought theft

Holly pretty much sums up how I feel about 9/11 contradictorialists (Bushism 1 for the day)...

Kevin Barrett

He's a true loon.