October 30, 2009

New layout

As my 2 loyal readers know, I've been posting with less and less frequency since the election of President Obama. This isn't because I've grown dissatisfied with him, as I feel quite to the contrary. Blogging (writing more generally) used to be a fervent passion of mine and still does arouse my passions from time to time. However, with my work schedule being how it is, I find it increasingly difficult to read and research many of the nuclei which become an entire post.

I'm trying to avoid claiming that this a tremendously serious endeavor for me, as it has always been more of a hobby. But this hobby of mine has become harder to pursue, owing to time constraints and an increasingly firm unwillingness to say or do anything that will put my employment in jeopardy.

Does this mean that this is it? Bloggin Ryan is saying arrivederci to the blogosphere? Of course not. I mean, I just tried to clean out my template a bit. That shows some willingness to keep face and keep pressing on, yeah?

What it does mean is that the infrequent posting will remain as such for the foreseeable future... (with some spurts, undoubtedly).

Moving on.

November is National Novel Writing Month and the good people at the aforelinked NaNoWriMo encourage writers of all stripes to put down pages, unedited, for the entire month of November. It sounds like a brilliant good time and personally, I'm going to try to cobble together some pages to submit.

That's pretty much all for now, my dear 2 readers. Have a safe Halloween weekend!