May 25, 2007


Holly dug this up while searching for dinner for this evening. It's a local blog based in Bogart.

Recipes for a Postmodern Planet.

There are a lot of different appealing vegetarian dishes up, all of which are making my mouth water (and shrimp, too!) I think this will be more than a single-visit blog.

Mmm. Food.


May 24, 2007

Quote of the Day

Coming from the Des Moines Register (IA), David Yepsen sizes up the second tier of candidates.

On the bottom tier are Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich and former Alaska Sen. Mike Gravel, who are not waging serious campaigns.

Do you see that, Dennis? Not waging serious campaigns. Now take your ball and go home.

Also within that article:

The top of this party's second tier is clearly held by New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson. He puts together a nice combination of executive experience as governor and federal service as a member of Congress, energy secretary and U.N. ambassador. As someone of Latino ancestry, he's in a position to attract those voters, though that will be of limited help to him in lily-white Iowa.

He seems to enjoy campaigning and is something of the happy warrior in the race. Right now, he's the second-tier candidate who seems most likely to break from the pack in Iowa. Some say he's positioning himself for vice president, and that could happen, too. (See above mention of Daddy Bush.)

A nice assessment of Bill Richardson, although I'm sure he's not saying that he's trying to come in as veep.


ps: The lunacy tag applies only to Dennis. And Gravel.

May 21, 2007

Lolcats have nothing on this

For those of you familiar with the intarwebz meme LOLcat, it will likely come as no surprise to you that the LOLz have been extended beyond the cute and fuzzy world of cats.

For those of you who don't know what lolcats are, check out the Wikipedia I linked to. (And maybe for once, internet geeks trying to write encyclopedically about something may get it right no matter how wrong they may try to make it.)

Slate brought to our attention the existence of lolbees, loldogs, lolcomedians (not really), and perhaps most pertinent to the topic of what I generally blog about lolpresident.

The Bush ones are generally lame, but the Roosevelt/BUKKIT ones make me laugh my ass off.

For good, old-fashioned lolcat LOLLING, check out I Can Has Cheezburger?.



Richardson officially announces candidacy

Governor Bill Richardson has officially announced his candidacy for President.

CNN has it.

I've made no secret of it, I'm totally for Bill Richardson. He's got a resume that's incomparable to any other candidate for 2008. He's a leader and he's common-sense. What could be better?


May 16, 2007

Wine Comes From A Bottle

I've got a new blog up and going that focuses on another passion of mine.

Wine Comes From A Bottle

It's going to mostly focus on good bottled wine buys that you can get at a grocery store or liquor store and will have some additional features to boot.

Drink up, blogosphere.


May 8, 2007

O Google! Quid facis?

I came across Google's PageCreator via Wikipedia and was intrigued, so I tried it out.

Of course, I actually reviewed it there, too.

Check it out.