May 8, 2007

O Google! Quid facis?

I came across Google's PageCreator via Wikipedia and was intrigued, so I tried it out.

Of course, I actually reviewed it there, too.

Check it out.



redhorse said...

interesting. but isn't it somewhat redundant, what with Blogger being part of the Google empire?

Ryan said...

in a sense, yes, it could be redundant, but it's not really a blogging tool. rather, its intent seems to be a straight-up WYSIWYG page editor.

it also lacks all the database features you get with Blogger, so it's purely HTML/barebones CSS.

Holly said...
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imsmall said...


Gonzales said "I can´t recall"
Eleven hundred times,
Yet he was made to "take a fall,"
"Besmirched" by "made up crimes."

Eleven hundred times he said
"I lack all recollection,"
"But I am sure," he also pled,
"All wrong was past detection."

Thus is the driving force behind
Justice as it today
Within America we find:
"I can´t exactly say."

If one in charge, than cheese--that´s Swiss--
Has vastly many more
Gaps in his knowledge, then how is
It not for to deplore?

So many hmms, and I-don´t-knows,
This failure to come clean--
Playing buffoon, but goonery
Belied the civil sheen.

It is to be expected--O
Iniquitous the lot,
As Libby let the whole world know
(His buddies in the plot)

Secrets of covert US spies
At cost to life and limb
Of well-placed operatives: but why´s
"The Nation" mad at him?

Security to compromise
For short-term small advantage
In politics--contrariwise
Pays not well by percentage,

Because old Sun Tzu jumped for joy
When such an "information"
Fell in his lap: so these destroy
The fabric of a nation.