December 17, 2004

This is all:

Every time this period of the year rolls around, my attitudes towards my (religion) and how it's been corrupted by the forces of capitalism and corporatism over the last hundred and fifty years jump into the fore. This year is no different. I feel my Christian faith has been hijacked by religious zealots throughout history, like how we see Islam being hijacked by people of extreme "faith", if one could call it that, taking their beliefs and forcefully, frequently violently, imposing them or displaying them.

What can the average flock member do? I don't know.

But we can't sit idly by and let members of any faith corrupt religion and make it conform to their personal agenda.

Have faith, friends.


December 6, 2004

Livestrong: The fad that needs to die

The sacred word: EGO

There aren't many fads that don't get under my skin, I'll be the first to admit that, seeing as how the popped collar thing ain't my cup of tea, I scorn my cellphone, I won't lay my hands on anything bought from Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, Old Navy, and I won't buy anything (although things have been bought for me) from AĆ©ropostale. I'm just not a trendy person and I believe that this is so because I have a very well-defined sense of self, on who I am and what I stand (or even sit) for. The only extraordinarily group-thinkesque thing I do is related to my enjoyment of the Dave Matthews Band, even though I was unwittingly a very big fan (1993/1994) before they even hit the big time.

There is one trend, though, that has pervaded more facets of society than I could ever imagine a popped collar do. From the farms of Iowa to the tree-lined streets of the collegiate Berea, Ohio, the Livestrong bracelet has landed on the wrists of ladies, gentlemen, and children of all ages. I don't like bracelets to begin with... I have a quirk not liking things wrapping my wrist, which is the main reason why I can't stand wristwatches and I use my cellphone mostly as a clock. Anyway, there isn't an area of the country that these Livestrong bracelets haven't touched. When I went home to visit family over Thanksgiving break, I saw my uncle and two younger cousins, all three of whom wore a Livestrong bracelet... all the time. That annoying yellow wristband jumping out at you off of their wrists. Good Lord, it's almost enough to drive an insane man to the nunnery.

I appreciate the purpose of selling these things. The money raised is being used to support cancer research and awareness. Who knows, I may one day affected personally by the money raised through Livestrong sales. I don't have an issue with that whatsoever. My issue with the matter is that these things are being copycatted, perhaps most annoyingly done by the Bush/Cheney campaign for re-election.

The Livestrong bracelets were the first in the bracelet fad to become enormously popular and with product diversification, other groups, not only Bush/Cheney, seized upon the idea of having a specific color bracelet to signify whatever they're representing. Even Democrats have seized onto the idea. First off: we lost. Get over it and don't be pathetic by trying to make a buck by trying to "rally us" together.

It seems now everyone has a wristband but me. Well, I don't feel bad and don't bother trying to get me to wear one of those damned things, because I'll probably burn it.

Been nice ranting.