December 17, 2004

This is all:

Every time this period of the year rolls around, my attitudes towards my (religion) and how it's been corrupted by the forces of capitalism and corporatism over the last hundred and fifty years jump into the fore. This year is no different. I feel my Christian faith has been hijacked by religious zealots throughout history, like how we see Islam being hijacked by people of extreme "faith", if one could call it that, taking their beliefs and forcefully, frequently violently, imposing them or displaying them.

What can the average flock member do? I don't know.

But we can't sit idly by and let members of any faith corrupt religion and make it conform to their personal agenda.

Have faith, friends.



Heather said...

I was told the other day that the candy cane was created to bring the true Christmas spirit back to an overly commercialized season. This being probably 150 years ago, I do not remember when, but I believe it was in the 1800s. Apparently there's all kinds of symbolism there, like white for purity and red for his blood, the shape to represent shepards, etc.
Anywho, just thought that was appropriate to share.

Ryan said...

Heather, I wish people would remember that. :(