December 6, 2004

Livestrong: The fad that needs to die

The sacred word: EGO

There aren't many fads that don't get under my skin, I'll be the first to admit that, seeing as how the popped collar thing ain't my cup of tea, I scorn my cellphone, I won't lay my hands on anything bought from Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, Old Navy, and I won't buy anything (although things have been bought for me) from AĆ©ropostale. I'm just not a trendy person and I believe that this is so because I have a very well-defined sense of self, on who I am and what I stand (or even sit) for. The only extraordinarily group-thinkesque thing I do is related to my enjoyment of the Dave Matthews Band, even though I was unwittingly a very big fan (1993/1994) before they even hit the big time.

There is one trend, though, that has pervaded more facets of society than I could ever imagine a popped collar do. From the farms of Iowa to the tree-lined streets of the collegiate Berea, Ohio, the Livestrong bracelet has landed on the wrists of ladies, gentlemen, and children of all ages. I don't like bracelets to begin with... I have a quirk not liking things wrapping my wrist, which is the main reason why I can't stand wristwatches and I use my cellphone mostly as a clock. Anyway, there isn't an area of the country that these Livestrong bracelets haven't touched. When I went home to visit family over Thanksgiving break, I saw my uncle and two younger cousins, all three of whom wore a Livestrong bracelet... all the time. That annoying yellow wristband jumping out at you off of their wrists. Good Lord, it's almost enough to drive an insane man to the nunnery.

I appreciate the purpose of selling these things. The money raised is being used to support cancer research and awareness. Who knows, I may one day affected personally by the money raised through Livestrong sales. I don't have an issue with that whatsoever. My issue with the matter is that these things are being copycatted, perhaps most annoyingly done by the Bush/Cheney campaign for re-election.

The Livestrong bracelets were the first in the bracelet fad to become enormously popular and with product diversification, other groups, not only Bush/Cheney, seized upon the idea of having a specific color bracelet to signify whatever they're representing. Even Democrats have seized onto the idea. First off: we lost. Get over it and don't be pathetic by trying to make a buck by trying to "rally us" together.

It seems now everyone has a wristband but me. Well, I don't feel bad and don't bother trying to get me to wear one of those damned things, because I'll probably burn it.

Been nice ranting.


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