February 3, 2005

Societal Orgasm


Penis and vagina.

Vagina and penis.

I've said it.

You may furrow your brow at me and write me harassing emails... but I've said it. Sex. It is something that we can't normally say in public, or else we'll get smirks and grins, snickers and sneers or condemnation and reprisal. You can't say sex without someone turning a million shades of pink, rose, and red. Sex. It's a taboo in our society that is driven into us by the droning of the moralists... even though each and every one of us are derived from sex. We trivialize the value of sex. We regulate it. We prohibit it from infect and poisoning our airwaves. For Christ's sake, we saw Janet Jackson's right nipple for under a second and the religious right have been up in arms about it since. Censoring... because of a woman's nipple. What is wrong with a nipple? Because it can get me off? It'll infest the minds of little kids and destroy the moral fabric of society?

I don't think so. I think that the minds of our youth are being subverted by the censorship of sex. We conceal and hide every little detail about the penis and the vagina, saving them for our little sexual education classes that poorly educate us about the workings and functions of coitus... conjugal relations... fucking... SEX... in our high school curricula. We're left to bumble around ourselves and discover what's right and what's wrong as we spring through pubescent growth. Good God, some kids don't know what the hell their organs are for until they learn from their friends at the lunch table.

Society skews the value of sex. It treats it trivally. Demeans it. Denigrates it. Vagina. Penis. Coitus. Connection. Sex.

Maybe it's time for a change.


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robmacca said...

Maybe shouldnt have stubbled across this while I was feeling all horny!!!

Time for a sharp exit LOL