August 19, 2006

Fundraising calls

I appreciate the role that people making fundraising calls fill, I truly and deeply do. I also understand all of the stress that goes into making calls and the need to really squeeze money out.

But when I say I'm currently unable to give money for the time being (and yes, note the redundance), I mean it.

Redhorse has a very sharply worded post authored anonymously for the progressives of the county. Pho has an equally sharp response. Quite honestly, this is the kind of internecine warfare that the Libs/Progs and the Mods of the DP are notorious for and just can't seem to keep behind closed doors. Annoyed? Kinda. It's nothing big, in my own humble bloggin opinion... just the SOS happening with new protagonists on a local level.

Now if this were to be taking place nationally...

... totally different story.

Starbucks @ 8:30. I feel slightly conflicted (to say the least).

Today's music: Mike Doughty - His Truth is Marching On


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