September 23, 2004

It's About Time

The news outlets have finally picked up an AP story reporting that Cleveland leads the nation in poverty of major cities. The report has been out for... what say... 2 weeks and it tooks that long to get it up? If noticed in the Cleveland area, this will do one of two things, if not both. Democrats in local office, particularly Jane Campbell's office, will be swept. Swing voters in the Cleveland area will swing towards John Kerry. But, that is, as I said, if people notice. Nationally, the Dems will play the story up, locally, Dems will have to be very careful as to how they play the story, if at all. Repubs locally will work their damnedest to paint Jane Campbell as an evil job-losing bitch who is financially imprudent.

At least, that's what I think. has updated poll numbers, with the race growing even tighter. Bush at 273 EV (3 over the required number) and Kerry at 255. Florida is 1% favoring Kerry... well within the MOE. AZ, NM, and NV are Bush-lite. Kerry needs to capitalize on taking back NM and taking NV and AZ from W. It is possible, even if John McCain is Senator from AZ. Kerry also needs to hit hard in AR, where Bush is currently up by 3 and won by ~5% in 2000. Dems need to retake IA, which they took barely in 2000. Bush holds a soft lead there.

In the heartland, Dems need to avoid social issues, and rather hit hard on economic issues and... (gulp)... Iraq. Allawi's speech to Congress... must prove that it is awesomely cool to be the puppet of a sitting American president. I wish someone had their hand up my ass like that.

Nothing more for now.


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