October 9, 2004

"Internets" And Things Of Debate

George W. Bush's disrespect of the English language knows no bounds... and President Bush's apparent anger at John Kerry assumed the better of the President in the 1st half of the debate, with visible discontent with the accusations being made by the Dem contender. Cutting off moderator Charles Gibson midquestion was undoubtedly a stupid move by the President. A sign of strength? Ehh... arrogance = strength? No.

From a P/R perspective, I think that the Pres was a mess for the 1st half, but shone through the 2nd half. His assertiveness, although covered with false statements - especially those regarding the Kyoto protocol and generally environmental issues, came to be much more effective than the previous debate. Will people even bother to read between the lines, though? No.

Looking at JFK from a P/R perspective, he was assertive, but he is always beating back the accusations that he is a flip-flopper. As a liberal who takes complicated stands on complicated issues, I can assure you that it's not so black and white.

From issues varying from the PATRIOT Act to economic recovery, I could only wish that things were cut and dry.

I agree with Senator Kerry that the PATRIOT Act needs to be looked over and there are things that need to be changed within it to protect our liberties, such as the fourth and fifth amendments, to protect us from the government. Bush also seems to believe that we can just fight terrorism by pumping money into the system and let things work themselves out. I can't believe a President would even allow such a laissez-faire appearance show itself... but there Bush goes again. As Senator Kerry said, we need to utilize every resource at our fingertips with what money we have already spent and spend as necessary after that. Bush used that bad "freedom and democracy rids terrorism" argument. 1995 and 1996 were too long ago to remember, I guess (Tim McVeigh and Olympic Park Bombing, respectively.)

President Bush claimed that importing drugs from Canada is not (would not be) safe. Sure, not safe for Pfizer and co, who are making a lot more than the American public by charging as much as they would like to for prescriptions, it seems. Bush made a ridiculous comment is regards to government sponsored health care... specifically, "Government sponsored health care leads to rationing." Dubious claim, at best.

John Kerry needs to stop citing his damn website when giving speeches or at debates. Not everyone has the internet, John.

Bush has yet to veto a spending bill from the Republican controlled Congress. Keep that in mind when you go to vote and think of fiscal responsibility.

Okay... done with the updating.



Lorna said...

Stop watching the "real" news and watch Jon Stewart. He's the only antidote for Bush/Kerry fatigue.

Heather said...

On the prescription thing, it's also pretty evident to me that drugs in this country are not all by any means safe. Vioxx, for example...

Ryan said...

I think Heather raises an absolutely valid point, in regards to Vioxx and other drugs (Premarin... among others that I can think of... but. Yeah.)