November 15, 2004

Negation of this

As I write, I am contemplating the future of the Democratic Party and the entire "left" movement in this country. As it seems right now, the "left" are dead in the water and the right are reaping the rewards of this listless sort. The "left" are in a state of disarray, unsure of what to do after their candidate, John Kerry, received the second-highest vote total in history... second to his challenger, George W. Bush. This should have been an easily winnable election for the Democrats, but, due to the very eclectic and quarrelsome nature of the left and a substantial disorganization on the Kerry campaign, they did not win. They did not even break even for the whole of the party. The Democrats once again lost seats in the House and Senate, giving Republicans substantial control that they haven't seen since the days of Hoover (White House, Senate, House of Reps, and Supreme Court).

Right now, Democrats need to be focusing on 2006. I know I am.

The man long seen by many in this country as the centrist in the Bush administration, Colin Powell, has stepped down as Secretary of State, and the rumor mill has it that National Security Adviser Condeleeza Rice has been tapped by the President to fill General Powell's shoes. Expect a fight in the confirmation process. If confirmed, one can expect a more Russified take on foreign plicy, given Rice's experience/education. This may actually be a good thing, but we'll see how this plays out.

Let's keep track of who has left the administration thus far (for various reasons, of course):
Attorney General John Ashcroft
Secretary of Commerce Don Evans
Secretary of Energy Spencer Abraham
Secretary of Education Rod Paige
Secretary of Agriculture Ann Veneman
Secretary of State Colin Powell

Rumors (sorry, no link this time) have also been circulating regarding the future of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. At once good to the mind, one has to remind oneself that... (oh crap)... Paul Wolfowitz may come in to replace this old hawk. We will have to wait and see on this one, too.

That's all for tonight, Janes and Joes.

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