February 5, 2006

Strickland and Fisher

A little over a week ago Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ted Strickland announced that former Attorney General and 1998 Democratic gubernatorial candidate Lee Fisher would be seeking the position of Lieutenant Governor as his running mate.

Ulysses, Peter, and I attended the announcement at the ward office of Cleveland City Councilman Matt Zone. It was an exciting announcement and solidified my once weak support of Congressman Strickland. After having heard Lee Fisher speak at Oberlin College, I became a fan of the former AG. His vigor and refreshing honesty gave me hope.

On Friday, January 27th, Ted Strickland proved why I should support his candidacy all the way to November... (not that I would vote for a Republican, anyway.) Maybe more importantly, he gave me reason to support him through the primary season.

The Senate race is a whole different matter.


I'm still a little wary of making a choice, but I intend to support Sherrod Brown. I want to. I mean it. I've liked him since I learned who he was and the like. Hell, I own The Myths of Free Trade... (but I haven't yet gotten to reading it.)

I'm thinking about running for Democratic Central Committeeperson for Berea... I haven't been able to get in touch with the current one, so I'm going to assume he either a) doesn't exist or b) is dead.

That's all... I'll get you more from the campaign trail if I make it.


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politicaljam said...

i'm glad that you guys could make the event. make sure to get in contact with anne hill in the cleveland area so that she can keep you guys in the loop, and so the campaign can benefit from your enthusiasm and energy.

good luck with the central committee option. it's always good to get a canadian perspective in our party's message. ;)

take care.