April 17, 2006


I wish that the world would go away for a second and everything become an empty room with no doors, windows or anything else. Just a white room with four walls, a floor, and a ceiling. Over the last year I've dedicated myself to making the College Democrats to be a respectable and functioning organization... and now I'm feeling the door hit me in the ass, and hard, on my way out.

It is pretty crude of an officer of the organization to tell the webmaster that they are going to change the passwords on the website so as to not let me have access. I doubt that anyone can quite understand the profound disappointment which totally pervades my body. I love the College Dems organization. It became my life because I wanted the group to succeed. I set up a blog for the group and was ridiculed for it. I had a domain and webspace purchased for it. Ridiculed yet again. To think that I would, once done and gone with this place, go into the website and alter it is one of the most hurtful and vengeful things I have ever had levied at me.

No one understands the need to be positive and outgoing, it seems. I trust the people who will be leading the organization to make the right decisions for it. They were elected to the positions for a reason and the will of the members must be respected. (It's the rule of law/charter thing that alot of African states suck at.) I know, within the depths of my heart, that they won't fuck up. However, the fact that there is no trust in that perplexes me. I have left enough fingerprints on the group and now it's someone else's turn to mold and shape the future of the group, for I have fallen into its past.

With that stream of consciousness aside, Iran seems to be getting jumpy with the nukes again. (See NYT frontpage, 04/18/2006.) Right now that leaves us with two major problems that have nukes (or might have nukes): Iran and North Korea. They are both run by delusional folk who have an equal level of hatred for the West (and Israel, for Iran/Ahmadinejad.)

Paul Krugman has a strong piece in the OpEd section of the NYT today, as well. ExxonMobil and all those wonderful people keep doing their part to destroy planet Earth, one barrel at a time.


I feel like shit now.

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