May 3, 2006


... Kucinich takes (D) nomination for OH-10 again... swamps Ferris 74-26.

Well, I'll admit... when I get it wrong, I get it wrong. I thought Barbara was doing much better than she actually did.

On the GOP side, BW grad Mike Dovilla thumped Jason Werner, 64-36. We'll have two goofy looking people competing to represent us in Congress. (I kid... kinda.) If Kucinich could make mince meat out of Ferris, he's going to eat Dovilla alive.

In other good news, Cafaro didn't win in OH-13... but Betty Sutton did. And Sawyer came in 3rd. Sutton should be able to handle Foltin without much issue... but it's a shame Sawyer didn't at least beat Cafaro. Gary Kucinich came in 4th with 14%, a slightly stronger showing than polls were indicating.

It will be Ken Blackwell v. Ted Strickland in November, with Blackwell "edging out" Jim Petro by 10%. Strickland trounced Bryan Flannery.

Sherrod Brown did nearly just as well against Merrill Keiser (who?) as Ted did against Flannery, winning that race 78-22. Incumbent Senator Mike DeWine just cracked above 70% in a three-way race, 71-15-14.

There are cracks in the base for both parties. This Senate race will be one for the record books, like the governor's race. Expect lots of ads and lots of outsiders.

Lewis Katz, Prof of Law at CWRU, will face a potentially vulnerable Steve LaTourette. Hopefully Katz will do a better job at facing Stevie L than SMH (read: Capri Cafaro) did two years ago.

Ralph Regula suffers a scare in his race and is another potential gain for the Dems come November. Jean Schmidt edges out Bob McEwen in OH-2. I don't know who is running (if anyone) for the Ds in OH-2, but this is quite likely another seat that they can pick up, given Hackett's strong showing in the special election last year.

Gonna be a fun summer.

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