September 6, 2006

Facebook = teh suck (redux)

NOTE: If you've been living under a stone, in a cave or at the site of a nuclear holocaust, your ignorance in the following matter is excusable... otherwise, well, um... no.

This might be the 2nd post I've done on Facebook on the blog, but I don't recall. Facebook is a networking site, not too much unlike MySpace, that is/was mainly geared towards college students. (I tossed the is/was in there for a specific reason: Facebook opened membership to high school students earlier this year.) On Facebook one can do a variety of "social" activities: list friends (not unlike the MySpace concept), join groups, send out invites to parties, "poke" friends, et cetera.

Yesterday morning, Facebook reached a totally new level of creepy (yes, perhaps beyond MySpace): introduced were quasi-RSS feeds from "friends" to appear on a user's main page. Obviously in this case RSS stands for "Really Stalkerish Syndication" as one can now keep tabs on anything a Facebook friend does, has done or plans to do.

These purported improvements have already generated a massive backlash, with Facebook groups against the new design appearing quickly. Time will tell (probably by the end of the week) whether or not Facebook developers will listen. Internet gods willing, they just might.


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