February 21, 2007

Life with Albert

On Monday, Holly and I welcomed Albert into our family.

We adopted Albert from the Athens Animal Rescue. He's a Cocker Spaniel/Golden Retriever mix, weighing in at 32 pounds (per today's visit to the vet's office) and is around two years old. He's in amazingly good health for being a dog that was on the verge of being put down after being found on the side of the road but two weeks ago. Albert is also one of the best-behaved animals I've ever come across. He's very good natured, rarely barks, does not growl, loves to play, always gets excited when we come home, and just is very good-natured.

I've been busy with work (Applebee's) since I got here and until very recently had been feeling under the weather. Tomorrow I have an interview with a bank and I am very excited at the prospect of having a 9-5er. I know I don't have many readers beyond my friends in the NEO blogopolis, but I still apologize for the lack of update recently. I'd fallen behind on the news, so you could color me surprised when I found out from Pho that DJK was the first to get a New Hampshire office open. Apparently he thinks he can win.

Let me check that latest poll. (HT to Redhorse) Quinnipiac has him losing to two non-declared individuals, Al Gore and Wes Clark. Maybe a little too quick on the draw, Dennis?

If I Ran Things Around Here #3 is going to be the next post if it kills me to do it, and given the nature of the subject that I want to tackle, it just may. But until then...



redhorse said...

ah, dogs, love 'em. Good for you.

Anonymous said...

Dennis Kucinich: My congressman, My president

or nader