June 19, 2007

Hey, did you know there was an election today?

Continuing the ever recurrent theme of my periodic benign neglect for this blog, it seems it's high time for me to, at the very least, say something about the special election scheduled today to replace the deceased Rep. Charlie Norwood (GA-10).

Summary of the campaign:

Since Norwood's death in February, there has been one clear front-runner and a couple clear buffoons (including the front-runner.) The front-runner is Republican State Senator Jim Whitehead, formerly an Atlanta-area tire magnate. His buffoonery? Not showing up to the debates sponsored by the Athens Press Club* or the Atlanta Press Club. Whitehead is one of six Republicans running. Three Democrats are running, but the one considered to be the contender is former Yahoo! executive James Marlow. Marlow is a new-comer to elected politics, though he did have experience serving as an intern for former Congressman Doug Barnard. His issues page reads like a DNC primer on how to be an under-funded candidate.

Really, these candidates are none too thrilling. I'm still not registered to vote down here and even if I were, I'd be sitting this one out.

There are some new links up on the GA side of things. If you'd like a little taste of Athens, visit 'em.


*Though he was represented by a neat little bobblehead in Athens.

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