August 11, 2008

Over-reaction of the bear

The Olympics are being played in China. It's the dog days of summer. Most of America is connected in their disconnection from other worldly affairs, and that's okay. Those of us who are not so disconnected from the world around us have been bearing witness to a very stunning breakdown in the Caucusus.

Russia, in response to Georgia protecting its territorial integrity, has launched a disproportionate reaction attack against the small nation. I think this smacks of Putin's bear claws.

President Bush needs to take a firmer stand against Russia. Sure, he's issued a half-hearted denouncing of the Russian government's actions, but it's a weak excuse for real action. Likewise, Senators McCain and Obama should have something substantive and critical of the Russians for their continued disrespect of Georgian territorial intergrity. Let this war be between Georgia and the South Ossetians or Georgia and Abkhazia... but not between Georgia and Russia.


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