October 10, 2008

Where do you stand, John Sidney McCain?

Evermore disgusted by the inability of John Sidney McCain to act like a leader in a time of chaos and crisis, many voters should be waking this morning to a clarion call: John McCain is not suited to lead this country now.

He may have been suited to lead in 2000, when the dot-com bubble bursting was the worst effect of hyper-speculation in markets and we had no daily reminders of the consequences of terrorism. But the year is 2008, a financial crisis of nearly unrivaled proportion is thrusting the global economy into fits of selling, and terror is something to fight, not something to use for fighting. No, instead of leading, John Sidney McCain is trying to connect Barack Obama to people of questionable backgrounds, much like what happened during the primaries with Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and is launching attacks on the character of Senator Obama based on purely speculative trash.

Instead of taking responsibility for helping to create this mess that Wall Street has created for us, Senator John Sidney McCain instead tries to disown himself of it. And he seems to glory in it, all the while trashing Senator Obama for knowing people, irrespective of whether Senator Obama actually agrees with these people or not. Instead of creating solutions, Senator McCain throws stumbling blocks before the blind. Why should we vote for you, John Sidney McCain?

Really, why? Sarah Palin seems to have no real grasp of any foreign or domestic federal policy, so there's no real reason to vote for you because of her... garr... what's the difference between a bulldog and Sarah Palin? A bulldog can protect people. John Sidney McCain, your choice of Sarah Palin to be your Vice President demonstrates clearly that your mind thinks of matters very superficially, and that you and your running mate, like your attacks on Barack Obama, have very little depth beyond your glitz and glamor.

So where's the beef, John Sidney McCain? Where do you really stand? I know where Barack Obama stands... but where do you really stand? Do you stand with me or do you stand with the people who control, well beyond my boss's bosses, whether or not I will have a job? Do you stand to have principle or do you sit because all of your courage is predicated on your abuse in Vietnam? This campaign has demonstrated that you left your courage in Hanoi. You and Senator Clinton proposed cutting the gas tax for the summer, a transparent ploy to gain votes on a policy that could have created more harm than good, a ploy that Senator Barack Obama opposed.

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