November 4, 2008


Well, it's 6:00pm... parts of Kentucky and Indiana are now officially done polling. Results should be coming in.

6:02pm: CNN is chattering on about exit polls... apparently everyone believes thinks their taxes will be raised by McCain and Obama.

6:07: Per CNN, McCain camp "optimistic but realistic."

6:12: Remember! Jon Stewart! Stephen Colbert! 10PM! Comedy Central!

6:19: I figured it would be in good taste to get Yuengling to break out when PA is called for Obama. Woot.

6:21: CNN reporting that turnout is very high in PA, in excess of 80%, but not a record. Reports out of VA indicate smooth polling with isolated issues of balloting.

6:28: Early results with McCain leading in KY, Obama leading in IN... if Obama is able to clear IN, the game is over for McCain for early tonight.

6:35: I don't know if its me or what, but Bill Bennett looks bloated as hell!

6:45: Bill Schneider seems to be saying "whitey vangelical"...

6:57: CNN's polls have KY Senate and President tightening. 3 mins til the next polls close.

7:00: CNN calls KY for McCain, VT for Obama.

I gotta bail. Crap.

11:15: Say hello to President-elect Barack Obama, America.

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Erik said...

I am drinking in anticipation of something happening in the next 6 hours.