July 29, 2004

More little things...

If you've picked up upon the tone of the websites... (by "the websites", I'm referring to Bush/Cheney 2004 and Kerry/Edwards 2004...) you can find a distinctly negative, very much agitated tone on W's reelection site. We're not talking like... soft stuff. Things like "John Kerry's "Extreme Makeover" and other eye-catching, but really otherwise fairly nasty stuff. That picture of Kerry in the cleansuit... Jeebus. That's no Dukakis tank trick, and I don't think that Bush's dogs believe that Americans are that dumb to believe that John Kerry was trying to act like he was in outer space, trying to tap at the entire "going to Mars" thing. If they do, well, I think many Americans would take exception. Maybe not... but I believe they would. For those of you who are unaware of what I'm talking about, members of the Bush team, but not the Bush team officially, have been circulating this photo of Kerry in one of these blue "clean suits" that scientists have to wear at Kennedy Space Center in order to prevent static charges and contamination. These Bushies have been sending the photo with captions such as, "Earth to John Kerry" and other pretty witless comments. They also seem pretty intent on trying to pick apart John Kerry... maybe not pick... it's more like hacking. They provide no legitimate reason why anyone should vote for W based on his policy. They're just working their damnedest to smear Kerry.

The John Kerry site, on the other hand, seems more tame, currently with a picture of John Edwards with the caption, "Hope Is On The Way." Seems pretty positive, doesn't it? In fact, there's nothing that jumps out or is really too visually grabbing or, as some would say, offensive. I'm not going to be discussing content of the sites right now. That's a whole other day that requires more time than I have at my disposal right now...


if you do want some content checking, go to FactCheck and you can find a whole of non-partisan verification or negation. It's a good site... I give it 4.5 of 5.0 on content and presentation.

One more thing... according to Drudge, CNN outfoxed FoxNews in convention coverage, garnering 2,169 thousand (2,169,000) viewers last night (7/28/04) compared to Fox's 1,770 thousand. Overall, CNN has averaged, the past three nights (7/26-28),  2,178 thousand viewers, with FNC having averaged 1,917 thousand per night. Both FNC and CNN, though, trounced MSNBC, despite having one of the most hyped speakers in recent memory, Ron Reagan, sitting in through much of the after-convention night coverage.

That's all for tonight, boys and girls.

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