January 13, 2006

January showers bring February apocalypse

It's 13 January and at 8:55am, the temperature reads 51 degrees F with a projected high of 57 and a strong chance of thunderstorms for the afternoon.

The rapture approaches!

The end is nigh!

Well, at least until tomorrow.

This year has so far represented a significant break from January 2005. When school reconvened in January '05, there seemed to be a foot or so of snow on the ground and it was... cold. (Gasp.) January 2005 was... normal. We'll see how long this pattern will continue into this year - with the unnecessary heat and snow (or lack thereof.)

Senatorial Candidate and Congressman (OH13-D) Sherrod Brown is coming to campus on Sunday, after some intense scheduling on Glassburn's part and some douchebag embargoing the information on who the contact person for the College Dems was... any College Democrat would have been more than fine. Anyway... 7:30pm in the Grindstone Room of the Union.

Speaking of Senate candidates... the College Dems exec went to Westlake to see Paul Hackett speak. If you don't remember, Paul Hackett narrowly lost to Jean Schmidt(R) in a special election held last summer to fill Rob Portman's vacant seat. What makes it significant is not that he lost, but that he narrowly lost in a heavily Republican district (OH-2). He has a broad appeal as an Iraq War vet and being in favor of limited gun control. Hackett was impressive on Tuesday. Introducing ideas that seemed foreign to Northeast Ohio Democrats, he suggested that Democrats need to work hard at dispelling the notion that we want homosexuals to marry just because they're gay and we want them to get married and to rather treat it as another example of excess government interference in the public's personal lives. He actually suggested... reaching out to rural voters. And he's right. Correct, that is.

I'm still on the fence with this one. Having always been a fan of Sherrod Brown - but being thoroughly impressed with Paul Hackett - I've got a hard choice in front of me come May. Then there's the Governor's race.

I wish I had dirt on either side. Eric Fingerhut is a great guy and has some great ideas to spur business in the state. Ted Strickland is electable.

Look for stuff happening on campus in the upcoming weeks...

... as I search for my Bible and prepare for Sunday's double-dosing of church... neither being Roman Catholic. SCHISM TIME!


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