January 21, 2006


Pete says Brokeback Mountain is horribly overrated. Having listened to his synopsis of it, I'm inclined to agree. It's just unrequited love between two guys. I breaks new ground, sure, but it's just another movie about unrequited love.

It's slop and sappiness by and between guys!


mj said...

I could not expect you to understand how truly wonderful "Brokeback Mountain" really is. Yes, it is a love story, but the movie is certainly not about unrequited love - it's about the outside pressures that oppress homosexuals in our country. This movie was a triumph for our society - taking the conservative "cowboy" scene that is the foreground of American tradition and combining that with the growing concerns voiced by those individuals who are being oppressed in our society on the basis of their sexual orientation. The love expressed in the movie is by far not "unrequited", and it does not take a gay man or even a movie critic to see that. The conflict, then, is certainly not between the two lovers, but the society (our society) that prevents them from doing what their hearts truly desire- to live happily as they are with each other.

Ryan said...

Pardon me, not unrequited, but rather star-crossed.