July 21, 2006

On Manners:

This is going to be a tough one to type out as I eat, but rest assured, it will be worth the while.

We have a flood of employees in the morning entering the premises, doing various things from chilling outside the door to defecating on our bathroom floors.


That's right. Someone pooped on the floor this morning.

Maybe it's an urban thing that good-ole suburban me doesn't understand - a ritualistic offering to the employer in the hopes of better pay - or it could be just out and out disgusting. Who knows, really.

Admittedly, it's not entirely manners-minded of me to make an attempt at disgusting, erm, discussing toilet talk and that sort, yet it does raise some questions. Or stomachs. Question number one: why would anyone relieve themselves on the floor of the bathroom? Was it of revenge? Had she just been fired? Could she just not hold it any longer? To this question the world may never know a solid answer. It happened and there was nothing that could be done. The second question, the more important one as it is what is truly germane to the post, is: why wasn't it cleaned up by the offending party or otherwise immediately reported?

I'm not someone who is easily offended. I laugh at number 2 jokes like it's my immature job. But it offended me that there was a steaming pile of two-doo on the floor of the women's restroom. No, I did not find out firsthand. An employee walked in and nearly on it. 'twas a nice gift, no? Pooing on the floor is problematic on so many levels: between it being repulsively stinky and disgustingly unhealthy, it poses problems for employee and employer. It's irresponsible of the pooper (not the poopee, and certainly not the poupée) to fecify (that's right: to make fecal) the restroom floor. There was toilet paper. And there were paper towels.

Why not pick up your own poop? I pick my dog's up all the time!

But alas, the poop was left untouched.

Left there for someone else to pick up. Left there for someone to step in. Left there for someone to possibly get sick from.

My parents always told me to clean my shit up in reference to keeping my room clean. It seems that someone should have told this employee the same.



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