July 22, 2006

Things, stuff, et cetera...

As a result of being openly critical of the campaign for which I worked on this blog, my employment with the campaign has been terminated. I have temporarily removed the posts that mention the campaign, but they shall reappear after such time has passed and any obligations have lapsed. God forbid anyone try to be honest and think with some manifest clarity instead of being brow-beaten by sloganization.

That being said, I was working on a post about manners and how someone relieved herself (women's restroom) #2 style on the floor on Friday. Just so that no one gets pushy, it is meant as a humorous post, nothing serious.

Also, I'm thinking about reregistering blogginryan.com... and am thinking about using this:

as the basic color scheme. Send me thoughts, they'd be much appreciated.

Peace out homedogs.



AC Ohio said...


Color scheme looks good!


Shay said...

Color scheme looks great...

And you must be joking.


Anonymous said...

Very best site. Keep working. Will return in the near future.