October 25, 2006

Ohio Issue Three: "Learn and Earn"

I wanted to once again throw my two cents in on Ohio Issue 3, aka "Learn and Earn", or as Pho put it, "Educate and Obfuscate", but Redhorse has it best:

Learn & Earn wants to tell you what great offer they have for you and your children, but suffer the details, and you'll find L&E forgets to mention, "We haven't really figured this out yet, but it sure sounds great!".

That said, I once again wish to encourage people to vote NO on Ohio Issue 3, aka "Learn and Earn".

Not that it matters all that much given my oh-so-frequent posting of late, but I will be in West Virginia this weekend paying a much needed visit to my girlfriend and her family.

Blog on!


1 comment:

redhorse said...

hope it was a good visit.

as for Issue 3, I still hope it fails miserably, but I'm getting a bit leery of it.

Still though, I think it'll fail.