October 2, 2006

On Mark Foley, the interwebs, and wanting to schnog your pages

The startling revelations that broke at the close of last week regarding Congressional misconduct are no small matter. What initially read to be some email that Rep. Mark Foley had sent to a former page of his that indicated some unusual interest in the page has exploded into a sex scandal of Washingtonian proportions. As the weekend proceeded and the story unfolded, it became known that the emails and AIM conversations were far more sexually explicit, with Foley requesting that one of the pages measure the size of his genitalia. Foley resigned his seat quickly and has gone into rehab for alcohol and "behavioral" issues.

...of course, going into Betty Ford for wanting to engage in sexual relations with an underage subordinate totally follows in logic...

What's most disturbing about this entire episode is that Foley was the chair of the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children. The man who wrote legislation on protecting kids from dangerous folks online was himself... a dangerous folk.

How drunk on power does one have to be to engage in an act hypocritical that it could last him or her in jail because of the legislation that he or she wrote?

Moreover, how drunk on power are the Republicans who denied knowledge of the matter and then a day later come forward and admit having known of Foley's behavior wellllll beforehand?

If there were ever a time to be turned off by politics and Lewinshy didn't do it... now may well be the time.

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