March 7, 2007

Scooter Libby... scooting his way to jail?

Scooter Libby should be going to jail until he dies.

Not necessarily because he should go for a very long time, but that the maximum sentence of twenty-five years should be imposed and, seeing as how Libby isn't exactly a spring chicken, he should expire during that period of natural causes. I don't wish death upon him, but it would serve well to see a member of the Bush Brigade and Cheney's Chumps lose their dignity and life in confinement.

I was at work yesterday when F-xN-ws emblazoned its banners indicating that I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby had been convicted of only four of the five counts with which he had been charged. I wasn't surprised with the outcome, but only hoped that he had gotten the clean sweep, taken down on all five charges brought against him. I could also faintly hear the running dogs of F-xN-ws try to defend their man Libby against the things that *gasp* CNN or *doublegasp* Keith Olbermann may say.

"Libby didn't receive a fair trial."

"Fitzgerald was a hack for the Democrats."

And so on and so forth. This is what it is now: exacting political revenge through extra-legal means requires a fall guy (Libby) when it seems you can't get the guy who did it (Cheney) and said fall guy (Libby) can expect to pay a high price for it (maybe 25 years!) when a decent prosecutor (Fitzgerald) who actually knows what he's doing (DUH!) gets the job done (yay).


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