March 21, 2007


Well then. I leave my computer and whoops - I don't return to blogging for two weeks! Time for an "oops, my bad" statement, a rolling of the ayes, and recounting of Sparkle City. And then some thoughts on Gonzales, the new "1984", and some Georgia political news.

Oops, my bad

I've been busy working and generally not being around the computer, so blogging and *gasp* reading other blogs (*shame*) had fallen by the wayside until this morning. On the jobfront, I still haven't been able to get out of Applebee's, though my attempts have been limited. I have deadlines coming up for applying to UGA's MPA program and praying to God that I meet those. If I don't meet then, I'll have successfully thrown myself under the bus academically yet again.

A rolling of the ayes

Baldwin-Wallace College's Model UN team sent a small delegation - and when I say small, I mean 2 current members of the program, a student from Lakeland College, and me the Baldwin-Wallace alum - to participate in Southeast Model Arab League hosted by Converse College. The team did quite well, with one of us garnering an award for the other members of the team to behold. I say quite well when only one of us performed admirably enough to get an award for a good reason: we had been informed of our country assignment not three days prior to the start of the conference. All things considered - diplomacy, alcohol, and tobacco - it was a great conference.

Sparkle City

If you don't know where Converse College is, you will now. Converse College is a small, private, liberal arts college in Spartanburg, South Carolina. It is where Holly went for her undergraduate degree. Spartanburg has the wonderful feel of a quaint, small, Southern college town, not unlike Athens. Unlike Athens (and Athens-Clarke County) however, Spartanburg County is among the most conservative in South Carolina. It still has an Old South feel to it with out losing a sense of modernity and is fairly decentralized. And, to the point, it feels very much like a family town.

And other thoughts

1: The video that was posted on YouTube that "bashed" Hillary vis a vis the classic Apple "1984" ad (video link) has been declared "not mine" by the Obama camp.

Wunderbar. For what it's worth, the video is amazing in its conception and execution. It has shown up on MSNBC and F-xN-ws, which is making me wonder about Rothenberg's verdict on the matter.

2: Alberto Gonzales' days look numbered, yet internally I wonder if we will have a John Ashcroft redux. Remember, Bush was all about Rumsfeld until the days before he was pressured to give out.

3: There's going to be a special election in my Congressional District following the death of my congressman. I don't know jack about anyone.

Oh well.

That's all for now.


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