April 28, 2008

Rev. Jeremiah John Edwards Wright

The more and more I've been listening to Rev. Wright speak, the more and more that I realize that his words are a more vivid and intense form of what John Edwards cast as "Two Americas"...

Think about it... it's a very class-intensive look at how society is perceived by people of different classes. I think the biggest difference is that Rev. Wright is black and John Edwards is white... and since John Edwards is white, he can get away with saying it, as long as he keeps dressing it nicely. Rev. Wright is black and will suffer from it like Kanye's "W doesn't care about black people" comment of Mike Myers' stupification fame. I agree with both men... except the damning America part of Rev. Wright's comments. There are two classes in America, the haves and everyone else.

Everyone else doesn't necessarily entail only "have-nots", rather it also entails the "have-somes, but in debt" and similar groups.

This is the issue which presses America and it is up to us to elect the right person to solve this. And that right person is not Hillary Clinton or John McCain.


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