April 9, 2008

What do the Jayhawks and Hillary Clinton have in common?


But that's not what Clinton wants you to believe:

Crossing paths with rival Barack Obama at a union event Tuesday morning, Hillary Clinton compared herself to the come-from-behind NCAA champion Kansas Jayhawks.

“A few of you were up late watching that game last night,” she told a gathering of the Communications Workers of America in Washington, D.C. “Great comeback, right? My kind of outcome.”

The Jayhawks tied the Memphis Tigers with just 2.1 seconds left to go in regulation before scoring an overtime victory Monday night.

She said that the union members knew what it was like to go up against big odds: “You know what it’s like to be told to go away, to quit. I know a little something about that too,” she said, to cheers from the crowd.

"My kind of outcome"

The problem, of course, is that Hillary Clinton still holds a lead in Pennsylvania and that even if she wins the contest in PA, she can't accurately portray herself as a comeback. It's like when she says she's the underdog... how can you be the underdog when you were the heavy favorite going into the Democratic primaries?

Feh to you, Hillary Clinton, you lying Liarly McLiarson. FEH.


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