May 29, 2008

Gas price roundup for 5/29/08

It's that time of the week again, time for another gas price roundup.

Prices in Athens for 87 octane unleaded gasoline this week are averaging around $3.91/gallon, a full ten cents up from last week. Let's take a quick peak at how other portions of the state and nation are faring:

Akron, Ohio: $3.96/gallon (down $0.01)
Anchorage, Alaska: $4.05/gallon (up $0.06)
Atlanta, Georgia: $3.93/gallon (up $0.10)
Baltimore, Maryland: $3.92/gallon (up $0.10)
Boston, Massachusetts: $3.93/gallon (up $0.12)
Burlington, Vermont: $3.94/gallon (up $0.14)
Charlotte, North Carolina: $3.93/gallon (up $0.10)
Chicago, Illinois: $4.20/gallon (up $0.05)
Cleveland, Ohio: $3.95/gallon (steady)
Dallas, Texas: $3.83/gallon (up $0.07)
Denver, Colorado: $3.86/gallon (up $0.14)
Detroit, Michigan: $4.05/gallon (up $0.09)
Honolulu, Hawaii: $3.97/gallon (up $0.08)
Indianapolis, Indiana: $3.94/gallon (down $0.05)
Las Vegas, Nevada: $3.88/gallon (up $0.14)
Los Angeles, California: $4.11/gallon (up $0.17)
Miami, Florida: $4.01/gallon (up $0.08)
Minneapolis, Minnesota: $3.81/gallon (down $0.04)
New York, New York: $4.19/gallon (Bronx) (up $0.11)
New York, New York: $4.20/gallon (Manhattan) (up $0.12)
Newark, New Jersey: $3.83/gallon (up $0.12)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: $3.76/gallon (up $0.06)
Phoenix, Arizona: $3.82/gallon (up $0.15)
Sacramento, California: $4.18/gallon (up $0.15)
St Louis, Missouri: $3.77/gallon (down $0.03)
Salt Lake City, Utah: $3.81/gallon (up $0.12)
San Antonio, Texas: $3.80/gallon (up $0.04)
San Francisco, California: $4.21/gallon (up $0.19)
Seattle, Washington: $4.09/gallon (up $0.15)
Washington, DC: $4.03/gallon (up $0.15)

National Average: $3.95/gallon (up $0.13)

All prices are from Neither I nor, being a site run on contributions from visitors, is liable for your stupidity. I mean, c'mon. If all the stations in town have been showing around $4.05/gallon and I or gasbuddy shows an average of $3.85, it's probably going to be $4.05/gallon gas for you.

All stunts are performed by poorly professionally trained idiots. Do not attempt at home.

Gas prices are up in most locales this week, despite reports coming out that Americans cut back on driving significantly, or as BSB put it: 60 Years of Poor Planning Coming Home to Roost.



robert said...

Someone said poor planning for 60 years. Yes The Dem's have been in power 50 of them.

Ryan said...

What say you?


1948-1952 - Harry Truman (D + 4)
1953-1960 - Dwight Eisenhower (R + 8)
1961-1968 - JFK+JBJ (D + 8)
1969-1976 - Nixon+Ford (R + 8)
1977-1980 - Carter (D + 4)
1981-1992 - Reagan+Bush (R + 12)
1993-2000 - Clinton (D + 8)
2001-2008 - Bush (R + 8)

My calculations indicate that the Rs have been in executive power for 36 of the last 60 years and the Dems 24. Clearly your advanced aptitude at math demonstrates this.