May 16, 2008

Openers has an insight - Obama's Appalachia problem (or Appalachia's Obama problem?)

Hmm. I'm not sure what to make of that analysis, because it seems to me that the claim is that Obama can't carry poor white voters - which is what Appalachia largely is - not that he can't carry white voters. The PeeDee's article is a clarification of the demographic breakdown, but it doesn't add any additional insight, and it certainly doesn't resolve any questions as to how Senator Obama can reach those voters from Vinton County, Ohio, to Rabun County, GA.

Actually, it does do one thing: it provides a geographic overlay to the issue. Go PeeDee... you get a gold star.


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A Bitter, Bitter Man :) said...

Hi I just came across your site and wondered if you wouldn't mind linking to my blog, "Bitter White Folks for Obama" - I'm trying to get the working-class, rural, white, Protestant "Appalachian" demographic (and their descendants and diaspora, of which I am one) behind him as much as I am able by sounding off from my own vantage point. From what I've been reading about Obama's "Appalachian Problem", this is going to be an absolutely crucial task for the next two months as it may be them who decide where things go (many of those battleground areas, for instance in eastern Ohio are primarily Appalachian migrants to the North). My biggest obstacle so far is that my blog is not yet showing up in Google even after almost a week of existence because not enough other sites are linked to it yet, although I've already gotten over 400 hits even without that - so would you mind linking to it so that I can start making more of an impact? I'd really appreciate it! I'll link ya
back. Jason.