June 19, 2008

Priceless words from Cindy McCain

(CNN) — Cindy McCain, wife of John McCain, said Thursday the spouses of the presidential candidates should be allowed to have some privacy.

"I do not think that spouses and family members … are fair game," she told CNN's John King.

"There has to be some decorum left in politics and in American journalism as well. Our husbands are the candidates," she said.

Cindy Mac says she's not fair game.

Cindy McCain, following her own angry rant about Michelle Obama's "first time in her adult life to be proud of America", finds herself backpeddling when there is much damage that could be done to Senator McCain's campaign if/when the goods are dug up on her. Funny how that happens.

By the way, I agree with her sentiment. I just think she's a hypocrite and I'm calling her out on that matter. Nothing personal, Cindy.

In other news, it's still excruciatingly expensive to get gasoline.

And did anyone who filled out the good wishes form on Senator Kennedy's Senate webpage get a response from him and his wife earlier today? I thought it was neat to get something back, even though it looked like a form letter.


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