November 2, 2006

Une leçon française

There is an expression in the French language, "vouloir, c'est pouvoir," which idiomatically translates to English's "when there's a will, there's a way." But the idiomatic expression is insufficient for what mindset the Democrats need to have going into Tuesday, 11/7. Translated more literally, "vouloir, c'est pouvoir" means "to want (it) is to be able (to do it)." Democrats need to prove that they have the vouloir, the incredible desire to do it.

Thus I ask of the Democratic readers of this blog: on Election Day, take the day off work and volunteer at any race where the race is close or where the Democrat is behind. No matter how hopeless it may seem, there is still hope. Tenacity is something that Republicans have claimed to their advantage. I say this is no more: it is time for Democrats to be tenacious. Fight tooth and nail for every vote. Talk to people. Make them want to vote for Democratic candidates. Give them vouloir.

Quand on veut élire quelqu'un, on doit parler à la peuple.
"When we want to elect someone, we must talk to the people."

People determine elections, remind them of this. That swing voter you aim to reach? Reach them before somebody else does! Populism still works, as Sherrod Brown is about to prove to the nation. Drink that deeply and let these creeping notions of civil public discourse, not necessarily done through the media, seep through your corpus.

We have five days.

Lest we forget, though, that in the grand scheme of global politics, Democrats are to the right of most other centrist political parties globally.

Let us push back towards the center.

We have five days.

Do you have the vouloir?

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