February 6, 2008

Takeaways from Super Duper Tuesday

Last night was a very interesting chapter in the race to the nomination for President for both parties, but being a (D), I'm going to focus on my thoughts for those results.

1) BIG win for Obama in Georgia, with gains made across many demos compared to his performance in South Carolina.

2) I was shocked by the margin of loss in Massachusetts. Sure, people look at Deval Patrick, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, and Caroline Kennedy and go "feh", but I didn't think that that many people would. Obama's loss, had there had to have been once, should have been in the range of 5%, not 15%.

3) I think the same could be said in California, though votes are still being tallied and Clinton's margin of victory has narrowed.

That's it for now. More parsing later.


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