December 10, 2006

Bunderschaft, you going daft?

Well, the Bunderschaft isn't going daft, but the voters of Louisiana's 2nd Congressional District apparently are. Representative William Jefferson was re-elected to Congress in a runoff election in which he defeated his opponent, Louisiana State Representative from the 93rd District, Karen Carter, by a 57-43 margin.

For those of you who don't remember, William Jefferson was caught by FBI agents with $90,000 in his apartment freezer. So what? FBI agents go in and raid Bill Jefferson's office and apartment. Big deal? Not so fast...

Members of both parties raised a fuss when the wall between the legislature and executive was breached, and for good reason. The Constitution calls for 3 co-equal (though some Republicans and Conservatives - I'm looking at you, Mike Dovilla - would like to disagree) branches of government, as we do with the executive, legislature, and judicial. Should any one branch begin infringing upon another's independence through force, it will further knock the balance out of the tripartite center. With the country already being led by a strong executive, one has to wonder what the asserting power over the Congress will do in the long term.

That said, I could be totally offbase... I don't claim to be a Constitutional scholar, much as I aspire to be one.

Meh. All the same, they've lost it in LA-2.


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