December 30, 2006

2006: The Year That Was

January: Sherrod Brown not running for Senate.
January: Paul Hackett running for Senate. BlogginRyan is torn.
January: Sherrod Brown running for Senate.
January: Ryan loves Paul Hackett and Sherrod Brown, but thinks Sherrod's attitude is a little too cavalier when it's 70 degrees in January.
January-February: Paul Hackett's arm twisted enough to drop out of Senate race. I wonder what's going to happen to that nice bus of his.
January-April: Ken Blackwell and Jim Petro get their anti-gay machines ready and roaring, accuse each other of "loving dem."
February: Strickland-Fisher
February: Ryan goes to Boston and, incredibly, hates Harvard MUN more than he did last year.
March: Love for Dennis.
May: Votes for Ferris.
May: Ted Strickland and Sherrod Brown win primaries against wet paper bags by handsome margins. Bigger homophobic bigot Ken Blackwell ekes out a win against Jim Petro. Ohio Democrats titter at the thought of regaining the governor's mansion house. Subodh Chandra gets thumped by Marc Dann.
May-November: Marijuana-laced bananas help bring down Mike DeWine; Ken Blackwell kills the (R) ticket; and what the what - Marc Dann is attorney general?
July: Learn and Earn was poo for more than one reason.
August: Another nail in Learn and Earn's coffin as Ted Strickland and George Voinovich annouce opposition to Learn and Suck.
August: Joementum crashes - but who is the bigger schmuck, kajillionaire Ned Lamont or Joe Schmo?
August: Tim Ryan roxx.
August: Bob Taft - 50th of 50.
September-November: Sherrod opens a widening lead on Mike DeWine.
September: Coup-coup in Thailand. Military calls for you to "eat mor chikin."
September: George Voinovich is not a statesman.
September: Tim Ryan's belly is aflame!
October: Mark Foley... well, what more needs to be said?
October: Revisiting fuddle duddle.
November: Hey now. Wait... is thar Demmycrats in them thar hills?
November: Rummy, it ain't no lie, baby, bye bye bye.
November: Learn and Earn was still poo (redux).
November: Baldwin-Wallace - hiding racism since 1845.
December: Steny Hoyer to Jack Kingston: DROP DEAD
December: 90% divided by 3 (or "The Ineffable Putzery of GWB").
December: DJK in 08.
December: Seriously Dennis, I don't like you.
It's been quite a year.

I'll throw in more later on today (that is to say, the best of the blogosphere '06, not being blogginryan - I'm not that smug and self-centered). It's time to study some Latin and DECLINE SOME NOUNS! w00t w00t.


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