December 12, 2006

Schmuckery and et al...

Jack Kingston was on The Colbert Report last night, with Mr. Colbert interviewing him about the Democratic expansion of the Congressional workweek to 5 days.

When I find video for this, I would like you to share in the revelry of the stiff-as-a-board man who represents the Savannah, Georgia, area in Congress. To provide a degree of perspective: Colbert is dynamic, very dynamic; Jack Kingston is about as inert and humorless as they come.

Did you know Congressional members already work 50-60 hours per week? Wow. I shrink back to think what Jack Kingston would have done had he worked the job I had this summer.

He probably would have imploded.

And the world would be a safer place.


PS: The Dems are out to destroy Christmas.

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