January 8, 2008

Early results

Early results from Dixville Notch, NH:

Obama - 7 votes
Edwards - 2 votes
Richardson - 1 vote
All others - 0 votes

McCain - 4 votes
Romney - 2 votes
Giuliani - 1 vote
All others - 0 votes

No one voted for HRC or Huckabee in Dixville Notch. Oh well, can't win 'em all, can ya Huck?

A Daily Show* and The ColBERT RePORT* were back on the air last night, with both Stewart and Colbert poking fun at the continuing impasse that the networks have created in their intransigence to accede to some wishes of the writers on strike. Even without their writers, both shows were welcome sights on my television last night and content, though awkward at moments, was not lacking.

Tonight's results should be interesting, with a possible Clinton exit looming, the focus should be shifting to the Old versus New battle between Edwards (Old) and Obama (New). Of course, that is predicated upon a good Edwards showing and a Clinton exit. We'll see tonight. I personally think that if HRC loses by more than 10%, she will need to bow out, as her support is even weaker in South Carolina - though come Super Duper Wooper Tuesder Tuesday, she may be able to salvage some delegates.

That's all, folks.


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