January 9, 2008

A new link on the side...

I'm not one to post about my religion on the blog, as it's something that's very intensely private to me (although, that is changing very much), but I just wanted to announce the addition of The Chosen Blog to the Blogroll.

The Chosen Blog is connected to Pop Judaica and also features Jewish events that happen throughout the country, in addition to amusing commentary and various Jewish cultural notes.

That said...

I can't believe Hillary got a 9-point bounce compared to the averages of the tracking polls and Obama was flat. I went to sleep last night when Hillary was still up by six, so I suppose a two-point loss isn't as bad as a six-pointer. Regardless, it's not a win. It's perplexing to me how people fall for the same old tricks that the DLC's core has up their sleeves. That said, not all is glum in Obama country, as it looks that Barack will be picking up union endorsements in Nevada.

I don't have much else. I'm sore from the fall.


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