January 3, 2008

God, I hate CNN and cable news in general

Big hat-tip to CNN's John "Durrrrrr" Roberts for this gem

It feels like it has taken forever, but the big day is finally upon us. I’ve covered the caucuses in Iowa several times, but I have never felt the buzz around this arcane gathering of voters that I feel this year. It IS, after all, the first election since 1960 that an incumbent President or Vice President hasn’t been in the race.

I might be young, but I'm not one thing: stupid.

The 1960 race featured Vice President Richard M. Nixon (R-CA) against Senator John F. Kennedy (D-MA). Yes, that's correct, an incumbent Vice President ran for office in 1960.

I believe the year that Roberts is looking for is 1928: Herbert Hoover (R-IA), who was Secretary of the Commerce Department, against Al Smith (D-NY), Governor of New York.

That, Mr. Roberts, only took a cursory search on Wikipedia and is an easily verified bit on information.


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