January 16, 2008

Romney's first win - or is it?

It seems that the media are making much over Mitt Romney's win in Michigan, proclaiming that it is his first victory and that the race for the GOP presidential nomination is further muddled in confusion. While the latter portion of that statement may be true - despite being a purely subjective statement - it can be undeniably confirmed that the former part of the statement is false.

It wasn't even two weeks ago that the Wyoming Republicans held their county conventions and handed Mr. Romney a "victory" of 8 delegates and 5 alternates in the unabashedly conservative state. Thus Michigan, while an interesting symbolic win for Mr. Romney, is nothing more and is certainly not the first victory for him.

We pray it will be his last.

HRC won the symbolic vote for the Democrats in Michigan, which was stripped of its delegates after the Democrats in that state moved their primary into January. Other articles can offer further insight - I need to have lunch.


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